16″x 16″ Column Surrounds



Installs-with-screwsSold by the box, each box contains 16 pieces, that will install 4 rows, covering 10 linear inches of the post.  (each box will contain 8 pieces, will install 2 rows, covering 10 inches)


Linear Inches is simply the measurement from the bottom of the post going vertical, straight up.


An easy way to create a beautiful stone column. Designed specifically to fit a 16″ x 16″ column. Engineered to be installed in a few simple steps. Our Column Surround elegantly combines elements of the Ledge and Dry Stack profiles to create a seamless profile that will accent any home decor. 


Available in the following matching color profiles: Albany, Aspen, Buckeye, Cedar Branch, Charleston, Giles, Horizon, Hunter, Huntington, Meridian, Monroe, Misty, and Reveal P-Series profiles.



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16″ x 16″ Column Surround covers .83 ln. ft. (10″ vertically)
16 pieces per box
Can be capped out using 24″× 24″ Hearth Stone.

Dimensions: Each section is 5″ in height, 22″ in length, and approx. 3″ thick.

*Please note, 16″× 16″ column surrounds are intended for a column measuring approximately 15.5″ x 15.5″ (columns larger than this may be too large for the column surround product to wrap around the column accurately)

Shipping & Delivery
Boxes of stone

Shipping & Delivery

For large orders your stone will arrive in a crate. We will be shipping in a lift gate truck.

For small orders your stone will arrive in boxes. Each box is approximately 50 pounds. Please use a hand truck to move more than one box at a time.

Samples will arrive in  smaller box that is easy to handle.

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